New Faculty Member: Introducing Daniel Mark

DanielMarkDaniel Mark is from Englewood, NJ, and currently resides in Merion Station, PA.  He earned his BA (2003), MA (2009), and PhD (2013) in politics from Princeton University.  In between college and graduate school, Daniel was a high-school history teacher in Manhattan for four years.  His dissertation in jurisprudence, written under the direction of Professor Robert P. George, is entitled “Authority and Legal Obligation” and addresses the question of whether there is an obligation to obey the law.  His fields of study include public law, political theory, and political philosophy.  Within those fields, Daniel has particular interest in philosophy of law, political theology, constitutional law, civil liberties, and the American Founding as well as a variety of topics at the intersection of politics, law, and religion.  His current research agenda addresses:  theories of authority and the nature of legal obligation; the relationship between political and religious identity; the political theory of religious freedom and the First Amendment; and theories of constitutional stability and instability.  In the fall of 2013, Daniel will be teaching Introduction to American Government, and Religion and Politics.  He is very excited to be at Villanova.

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