New Faculty Member: Introducing Eric Lomazoff

ImageEric Lomazoff is a proud Philly native; he hails from the Bustleton section of the Far Northeast. After earning his BA in political science at the University of Pennsylvania (2001), Eric worked for two years at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City. He then entered and completed the Ph.D. program in Government at Harvard University (2010). While at Harvard, he served for six years as the Resident Tutor in Government at Quincy House. Eric’s dissertation in the field of public law, on the history and continuing salience of the constitutional controversy surrounding the Bank of the United States, is currently being revised for publication; the book’s tentative title is Reconstructing the Hydra-Headed Monster. Related research on the Bank was recently published in Studies in American Political Development. This fall, Eric is teaching the first course in a two-course sequence on American constitutional law (focusing on national power and inter-branch relations) and a graduate seminar on constitutional interpretation.

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