Meet Professor Shige Suzuki

Professor Shigehiro (Shige) Suzuki is a full time faculty member in PSC. He tries to bring a global vision to his students with his professional experiences and by promoting cultural sensitivity. After graduating from Tokyo University, he entered the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked at the Japanese Embassy at Nairobi, Kenya from 1994 to 1996. His  responsibilities there involved monitoring and analyzing development and human rights situations in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, and the aftermath of genocide. After receiving an M.A. from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and working for the Brookings Institution, he worked at the UNICEF in New York, and then at the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the United Nations. He co-edited No Refuge: The Challenge of Internal Displacement, published by the United Nations in 2003. Throughout his stints at the Brookings Institution as well as the United Nations, Professor Suzuki tirelessly worked to protect and assist refugees and internally displaced persons who were affected by natural and human disasters.  In 2011, he served as executive director of Japan Platform, an NGO, working on relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan. His research areas are the protection of and assistance to Internally Displaced Persons, and nuclear policies in Asia, specifically Japan. Professor Suzuki taught at Drexel University and Toyo University (Japan) before joining Villanova University. At Villanova University, Professor Suzuki has been teaching a variety of subjects including International Organization, East Asian Politics, Refugees and Displaced Persons, International Relations, and American Foreign Policy.

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