Matt Kerbel on Radio Times

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane hosted Matt Kerbel and NY Times columnist, Frank Bruni, last week to talk about political dynasties.

Listen here:

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VU PSC a Top Ten Program

Our political science department was just named a top ten department in the country by College Factual, a USA Today project that determined its rankings on the basis of a number of factors.

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Kunle Owolabi reviews recent scholarship on colonialism

See Kunle’s piece on colonialism, development and democratization in the latest issue of the APSA-CD Newsletter, February 2014[1]

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Mark Schrad has a new piece in Politico

Read Mark’s fascinating article on the Crimean War. Yes, there was alcohol involved.

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Prof. David Barrett on the dispute between the CIA and Sen. Diane Feinstein

Political Science Professor David M. Barrett published the article linked below in “Roll Call,” a publication widely read on Capitol Hill, about an angry ongoing dispute between the head of the CIA and the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee over alleged spying by the CIA on Senate staff members.


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Updates on Vodka Politics

Mark Schrad’s Vodka Politics is due out very soon. To tide you over till then, check out Mark’s related piece in Politico on vodka and Russian diplomacy.

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A Great Couple of Weeks for PSC

We’d like to share some very good news we have received over the past couple of weeks at PSC:

Jess Wamala, PSC ’12 and current MA student in PSC, has just been named a 2014 Rhodes Scholar. We are overjoyed with this bit of breaking news.

Prof. David Barrett has a new piece in Salon about romanticizing JFK on the anniversary of his assassination.

Prof. Mark Schrad’s as-of-yet unpublished book on Vodka Politics has been named one of the year’s best nonfiction books by blogger and economist, Tyler Cowen.

Prof. Maria Toyoda has been named an SSRC Abe Fellow for 2014-2016. She was also named editor of The Japanese Political Economy Journal earlier this year.

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